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To help you find flow, get things done and stay in touch with the moment

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Time Anxiety (noun):

  • Fear of wasting time

  • The inescapable sense that time is slipping away

It's easy to feel stressed about the passing of time. In an ever more connected world it can be hard to escape the sensation that there is just so much to do.

But time that we spend feeling anxious about can paradoxically prevent us from making the most of the time we have.

That's why we built Trubble - to help you to let go of the past and future and focus on the now.


A daily journal helps you to let go of feelings of anxiety and negativity


A flexible task list helps you to organise your tasks for the future.


A simple, minimalist workflow helps you stay focussed on one task at a time.

Be present

Let go of other concerns and focus on the moment

Be intentional

Work on the things that matter to you

Be aware

Take note of your emotional state and how it affects you

Find flow

Find deep focus in a state of flow

Find motivation

Explore your motivations and understand your emotional blockers

Self care

Invest in self-care and avoid burnout